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June 6, 2007

Google here I come :)

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I’m master student Articial Intelligence aiming to graduate this schoolyear (07/08). I want to start on my first full time job after graduating so that will probably be somewhere between November and January. So I am going to do some job hunting this summer.

I got a similar mail as Aaron Toponce got from Dan McCarthy, a talent scout for the engineering team at Google. I replied by sending my Curriculum Vitae. I got through the first phone screening. There are still multiple phone screenings ahead. I would love to work at Google, learn how they do what they do and work in a challenging environment.

A subset of reasons “Why would I like to work at Google ?” :

  • Google develops (web) apps which use AI which “just works”
  • Google does AI research
  • Google supports the free software community in various ways
  • Google uses Python a lot. I started using Python in December (it seems longer ago) and I have a developed a strong preference for Python above other programming languages since.
  • When working at Google you get the ability to spend time on your own (free software) projects

I’m not going to say anymore about Googles recruiting process or my “possibly getting recruited at Google progress” so I won’t answer any questions regarding that. You will just have to wait until I blog about it again.

I’m open to other interesting opportunities so if you want my Curriculum Vitae feel free to ask. You can find my e-mail on my launchpad account.



  1. Wow. In two years I’ll have started my bachelor Artificial Intelligence (in Utrecht) and in a recent assignment for school in which we had to write an application letter I wrote one to Google. Looks like you’re doing the career I planned for myself 😉

    Comment by Vincent — June 8, 2007 @ 8:15 pm

  2. […] won’t be working at Google Filed under: Uncategorized — ubuntudemon @ 1:58 pm I was contacted by Google. The first two phone interviews went very well. But sadly the third interview didn’t went so […]

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