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February 20, 2007

Nominate yourself for Forum Ambassador

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About Forum Ambassadors :

We will create a forum section on ubuntuforums.org where people can request help of the Forum Ambassadors or convey their opinions in a constructive, concise and useful way (see design).

A team of Forum Ambassadors will connect to the developers to facilitate communication. We will use ambassadors to collect ideas, bugs and feedback from users. This team would probably connect to developers via UWN, mailing lists or with possibly some irc contact.

This idea originated on the forums. This idea was originally by Aysiu but many people have contributed to this spec. The current forum discussion is here .

Our intended target is that the Forum Ambassadors become a forum team (If this doesn’t happen we will become a 3rd party section)

This nomination :

We are happy to inform you that we are currently in a phase of the forum-ambassadors project where it makes sense to investigate who wants to become Forum Ambassador members / leaders.

We will probably start with a tight scope (helping with bugs,reporting important bugs to UWN) and slowly broaden the scope to the other tasks we have defined.

If you are considering to join the Forum Ambassador team you should read the ForumAmbassadors wiki. If you think you make the requirements you should introduce yourself and tell us what kind of tasks are suitable for you. You can find a list of possible tasks for Forum Ambassadors members on the wiki. We need volunteers to make this work .

We will soon ask the admins to make the new forum-ambassadors project an official ubuntuforums project and team.

 The nomination thread


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