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January 8, 2007

forum integration specs

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I have been too busy lately to blog much. I will have some more time to spend from somewhere in February onwards. Mike,a fellow mod, and me attended UDS-mtv which was a great event.

This blog post will be about the specs where I contributed my part at during UDS-mtv related to improving the integration and communication between the ubuntuforums and the rest of the community.

This has resulted in a new Forum Council. Which has its first meeting tomorrow (tuesday).

In the future launchpad and ubuntuforums will be more integrated. I think the spec isn’t very interesting to read for normal users. Work is going on and in my opinion this is an import part of forum integration.

This is ongoing work where your feedback is required. That’s why I will dedicate most of this blog post to this subject.


Several forum users have brainstormed about creating a forum
ambassador team. This team is intended to improve communication between
the forum users and ubuntu developers in way that is manageable for the

We have already incorporated some dev feedback during UDS-mtv. Currently
we are at a phase were we can't improve the document much more by
discussing about it among ourselves. We think this forum team can
potentially be very helpful to Ubuntu. But for it to work we need your
cooperation. The first thing we need is your (developer) feedback on
this document.

Please read the entire document. All feedback is welcome. Especially
feedback regarding communication between us forum ambassadors and you
developers. For example in what way should we report to you about
interesting trends and wishes ?

The document lives at :

Please add any comments you have in the comments section of the
document. Discussion can also take place in ubuntu-devel-discuss in
response to this email (please use reply-all).


ubuntu_demon on behalf of all who contributed to the
forum-ambassadors idea.

Now follows the summary of the current document :

This document specifies how to improve communication (bugs, ideas, forum
users feedback) between the forums and the developers. The idea is to
elect Forum Ambassadors and/or have a special forum for this to help to
improve communication.

We will create a forum section on ubuntuforums.org where people can
request help of the Forum Ambassadors or convey their opinions in a
constructive, concise and useful way (see design).

A team of Forum Ambassadors will connect to the developers to facilitate
communication. We will use ambassadors to collect ideas, bugs and
feedback from users. This team would probably connect to developers via
a mailing list, with possibly some irc contact.

This idea originated on the forums. This idea was originally by Aysiu
but many people have contributed to this spec. The current forum
discussion is here : [WWW] http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=278375

Our intended target is that the Forum Ambassadors become a team like :
[WWW] http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=289810 (If this doesn't
happen we will become a 3rd party section)


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