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August 18, 2006

The Linux Desktop Myth

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I just discovered an interesting article.
The Linux Desktop Myth

The Issue at Hand
It’s entirely possible that you may not have heard of Linux. Maybe you own a Mac or Windows computer and don’t read the technology news. You may have a TiVo, but it doesn’t have a huge sticker on the box that reads “Powered by Linux” (even though it is). You may use Google, but it doesn’t have any announcement on its homepage that it’s run on Linux servers (even though it is). Whether you’ve heard of Linux or not–it probably plays a role in your life somehow.

In all likelihood (yes, even if you’re reading this), you probably don’t have Linux running on your laptop computer at home or your desktop computer at work. The “desktop market” is dominated by Windows. Mac has a very small share of desktop computing (arguably even smaller than Linux’s market share–it depends on whom you ask), but it is high profile–Apple stores abound in the US (there are also locations in the UK, Japan, and Canada), Mac computers feature prominently in Hollywood movies, iPods are the portable player of choice, iTunes dominates the digital download market, computer peripherals that are Mac-compatible have a logo on the side of the box indicating that they are, and major software is available for Mac OS X (Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office, for example).

So why are you probably not running Linux on your computer? Why have you probably not even heard of Linux? What’s stopping Linux from being more high profile, being more widely adopted?

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  1. Tux.

    You don’t see Apple using the Dogcow as their logo everywhere.

    Comment by Alex Jones — August 18, 2006 @ 5:42 pm

  2. One reason Linux is not so high profile is that it is difficult to for a non-geeek to install, full of bugs, and difficult to understand, because of all the little technicalities that keep creeping in everywhere. I have used Virtual PC for the Mac regularly for several years. I recently got past that s-l-o-w solution with Parallels desktop for mac that even works so well it runs our auto-scanner and printer which is designed for PC and all the PC software we need. We don’y particularly like Windoze, but we need it, unfortunately.

    But ubuntu, Suse, Debian and eveyother form of Linux I have tried and tried and tried to install just doesn’t. I’m trying it out of curiosity and it’s got me licked. I’ve spent days on research, boots, reboots and more research, forums and NO SOLUTIONS WORK. I am beginning to think that the entire thing is hoax.

    I got ubuntu to boot on my PPC, but it refuses to install either onto to a partition internally, or to a Furewire drive. Maddening. I got it to boot on a i86 VM with Parallels Desktop for Mac on an Intel Mac Mini, but then I got a dbuss error, whatever that is and it wouldn’t go any further.

    If this is Linux – it can stay in the background – it will never have a higher profile until it becomes truly user-friendly – and that it definitely is NOT!

    Comment by mokelvey — August 23, 2006 @ 11:05 pm

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