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August 14, 2006

Examples of the power of the CLI

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Publishing your own video on YouTube, or watching other people’s videos, is all the rage these days. Why are we talking about YouTube, in a column about the CLI? Because this week we’re writing about youtube-dl, a clever little CLI tool that’s easy to install and and use to fetch YouTube videos.

Youtube-dl is a Python script, licensed under the “non-copyleft” free software MIT/X11 license. It is not platform-specific; it can run under Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows platforms so long as a recent — 2.4 or later — version of Python is installed.

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CLI stands for Command Line Interface. One way to get in the CLI is by clicking on applications->accesoires->terminal. The CLI is very powerful in Linux.

You can easily combine commands and create your own script for doing stuff.

Another example is using the CLI for making backups.

When was the last time you backed up all your files? For most people the answer is probably a long time ago, if at all.

Backing up isn’t the most exciting thing in the world to do but it’s something we should all do a lot more often.

When a hard drive fails and you realise you have lost the last year’s worth of email, personal accounts and all your downloaded music files, it’s too late to think about starting a backup.

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forum thread about rsync (a CLI way to create backups)


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