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August 8, 2006

Ubuntu Community Manager appointed

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From The Fridge :

The community surrounding Ubuntu is one of the things we’re most proud of.

Helpful to newcomers, brimming over with creativity and featuring some of free software’s most talented people. As a largely volunteer community, it’s important that we’re able to make the most of what people can offer.

Long-time free software advocate, LugRadio presenter and beardless wonder Jono Bacon has joined Canonical as Ubuntu Community Manager. So, what’s all that about? Mark Shuttleworth described it as:

“…created to help the huge Ubuntu community gain traction, creating structure where appropriate, identifying the folks who are making the best and most consistent contributions and empowering them to get more of their visions, ideas and aspirations delivered as part of Ubuntu – release by release.”

Congratulations Jono!

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Mark Shuttleworth blogs :

A short while ago I blogged about what I think is one of the most interesting and challenging positions at Canonical – the Ubuntu community manager. We had several fantastic folks in the shortlist and I’m pleased to say that Jono Bacon (a.k.a. jono on IRC.freenode.net, pictured here playing his own interpretation of Hamlet) will be stepping up to the plate.

Jono Bacon

Jono – welcome aboard!

We have one of the world’s best technology communities in Ubuntu – from the UbuntuForums to the MOTU with LoCo teams, Art, Doc, Marketing, and specialist interest groups all collaborating to make Ubuntu rock. I’m excited to have someone working across the project to help them all rock even harder!

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Jono Bacon blogs :

Well, after an awesome time working with my good friends at OpenAdvantage, I am moving on and recently handed in my notice to move to a new role at Canonical. On September 4th I start as the Ubuntu Community Manager, and I am raring to go.

So, onto the Ubuntu role. Some of you may have seen Mark’s blog post about the position. It is an interesting and challenging role, and one I am ready for. For the last eight years I have worked in a number of different communities, developing community relations and working to understand, rationalise and manage the different aspects of community effectively. Most recently I have been doing this with the Jokosher project, and we have an awesome community with a strong culture and direction. As Ubuntu Community Manager, my energy will be focused in a number of different areas, each a foundation for a strong Ubuntu community.

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Congratiolations Jono!

the forum thread

digg story


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