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August 8, 2006

interesting blog post by Jorge Castro

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Pretty neat huh? Here’s a screenshot of the new telepathy stuff, with a screenshot of Cohoba, one of the frontends to telepathy. It’s pretty rough, but good enough to show off what’s to come in the future. Needless to say, I think telepathy will be one of the coolest things over the next year or so … a fully integrated voice, video, and chat framework, how cool is that?


Thanks to Daniel Holbach for bringing this into edgy.

  • Mark, regarding managing expectations, I think that it’s difficult to gauge exactly what users expect. Pre-warty’s users (like me) were usually experienced Linux users who enjoyed being lazy and having things Just Work(tm). By the time Dapper rolled around, if it wasn’t doing your laundry, then it’s game over. I’m sure those of us that advocate Ubuntu regularly run into this all the time …
    • “What do you mean my Broadcom card doesn’t work? I read that ubuntu was easy?”
    • “But I read to use this ndiswrapper thing, what do you mean it doesn’t work?”
    • “Why doesn’t my ATi card work? They said this was easy!”
    • “Someone told me that World of Warcraft works in Ubuntu, help!”
  • Sucks doesn’t it? I’m sure I’m not the only one. I’m pretty sure launchpad is full of similar complaints. The odd thing is that the specs are published early in the release process, and yet there is a disconnect between what gets specced, and what a large part of the community sees as “expected” from the next release. Those of us that have been following specs were not surprised to see Tomboy and mono be included in edgy by default (what, three specs in three releases? It’s been out there for a long time), but apparently some people felt that the decision was made without community feedback. Hmmm….
  • I have no idea how Ubuntu can better communicate its goals, the fact that Mark posted Matt’s email to him (and that Matt agreed to having it posted) says alot to me about communication in the project

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