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July 9, 2006

dapper-commercial repository

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There is a new repository. Currently the new dapper-commercial repository by canonical contains opera (opera 9) and realplay (realplayer 10). This new repository makes a seperate opera repository obsolete for opera users.

I quote mdz :
Software in this repository requires special permission to redistribute, so it is kept separate from the normal archive (which is mirrored globally).

I know gnome-app-install doesn’t need the dapper-commercial entry in the sources.list in order to install from it. But I think it’s more clean to have the repository in your sources.list and in this way you can also use the apt commandline tools. So I added the dapper-commercial repository to the sources.list which I recommend to desktop users :

my recommended Dapper sources.list

“HOWTO common customizations (such as multimedia) in Ubuntu Dapper” uses this sources.list

Here’s a bit more information about the new repository :

Here’s a listing of the packages the repository contains :

Here’s the forum thread about the new repository :




  1. The thread you link to at the bottom was merged with this thread as they were both discussing the same topic and this one was older.


    Comment by matthew — July 9, 2006 @ 10:19 pm

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