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June 25, 2006

Introducing myself

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I, ubuntu_demon, am a moderator at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. I’m a 25 years old student who lives in the Netherlands.

Here’s my public profile : http://www.ubuntuforums.org/member.php?userid=904

The UDS (Ubuntu Developers Summit) in Paris was great! I met a lot of interesting people in Paris. I was interested in a lot of things but my primary interest was promoting the forums and improving communication between the forums and the rest of the community.

This new specification about Common Customizations (for example multimedia stuff) is one of the new specs that average desktop users will easy notice in Edgy : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonCustomizations

Easy Codec Installation is another spec which will benefit a lot of average desktop users : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EasyCodecInstallation

Here’s a listing of all UDS specs : https://launchpad.net/sprints/uds-paris/+specs

Here are some nice newsforge articles by Mako about the UDS/Edgy : http://trends.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=06/06/22/1524249 http://trends.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=06/06/28/192244

Ubuntu Forums

Ubuntu was launched without Web forums of any kind. Ryan Troy filled this gap by creating and initially sponsoring the Ubuntu Forums on his own. Rather than creating competing forums, Ubuntu blessed Ryan’s forums as “official” and then later shifted hosting of the forums onto hardware in Canonical’s data center. However, for a number of reasons, a palpable gap has remained between the forums community and the rest of the Ubuntu community.

To discuss and address a closer relationship between the forums and the rest of the project, Canonical invited several forum staffers to UDS Paris — although only forums moderator Roald “Ubuntu-Demon” Hopman was able to attend. On the technical front, the groups discussed a common authentication scheme. On the political front, they discussed the possibility of integrating the current forums staff and resolution procedures into the existing Ubuntu governance and membership system.

Here’s a thread about the UDS : http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=184671

I’ll tell you more later.


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